The Armenians of Penang

Nadia H. Wright
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The Armenians of Penang

Why is there an Armenian Street in Penang? This quaint, narrow street draws visitors from around the world but there is little to explain the legacy of Penang’s small, bygone Armenian population, after which it was named.

Nadia Wright has spent decades tracing the history of the Armenians in Southeast Asia. Civic-minded and skilled businessmen, they played a small but very significant role in the development of Penang, particularly in the 1800s.

This is the story of some of the prominent Armenian personalities of Penang and of the fate of their tiny community.

The Armenians of Penang


Maps and Illustrations - vi
Acknowledgements - viii
Preface - ix
Introduction - 1
The Armenians of Penang - 7
The Anthony Family - 21
The Sarkies Family - 39
Dr Thaddeus Avetoom - 59
The Armenian Apostolic Church of St Gregory the Illuminator - 63
Conclusion - 69
Family Names of Armenians in Penang - 70
Bibliography - 71
Endnotes - 72
Index - 74

The Armenians of Penang

Nadia H. Wright
2018, Entrepot Publishing
Softcover. 21cm x 15cm, 88 pages
Language: English
Illustrated throughout
ISBN 9789671428177

About the Author

Dr Nadia Wright is a retired teacher and active historian living in Melbourne, Australia. Her research focusses on the Armenians in Southeast Asia as well as the founding of Singapore. She is the author of Respected Citizens: The History of the Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia; William Farquhar and Singapore: Stepping out from Raffles’ Shadow, co-authored Vanda Miss Joaquim: Singapore’s National Flower & the Legacy of Agnes & Ridley and has published many scholarly articles.

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