Penang Hokkien Dialect

Tan Choon Hoe

Penang Hokkien Dialect Loghat Hokkien Pulau Pinang Penang Hokkien Dialect

Publisher: Tan Choon Hoe

Job specifications

• Book designs concept and layout

Penang Hokkien Dialect by itself is a curiosity, a hybrid of Chinese Hokkien with Malay and English words, originating from the Baba Nyonya community in Penang.

A chance encounter with Lowell Soriano, a Filipino lady who worked in a cyber cafe in Penang led to Tan teaching her Penang Hokkien Dialect at her request. This helped give impetus to Tan’s desire to publish books on his native dialect and when subsequent checks in bookshops show no existing publications on the subject, he made it his mission to give the world three.

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Stories were first published on the Penang State Tourism Website.